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Hello,my name is "Pharisee"

 [ I invite you to read this, and interject your name and church]   

I was born in a small town in Ohio. At age 6 we moved to Jamesport MO and I grew up in a "Pharisee" church and enjoyed it. Our denomination was "Pharisee" and we practiced "Pharisee".I was a devout believer tho I had some doubts and joined the "Pharisee" church several years ago.

After some spiritual growth I have acknowledged that i AM a Pharisee. I do not blame my church nor do I believe all the people in it are devout "Pharisees" but am troubled by the fact that the plain churches in america are a fertile breeding ground for me, the "Pharisee'

sign #1  We are held up as the "religious elite" by society.and we are "humbly" feeding the hype thru our clothes, traditions, and lifestyles.

sign #2   We have completely pulled our main vision off of Jesus, who is The Answer. Instead we are taught and raised to value political hierarchy and traditions. This hard to trust JESUS when you are a "Pharisee" like me.

sign #3  We value our status as "apart from the world" so much we are completely ok with chasing reborn JESUS followers away from our "Pharisee" denomination in order to preserve our status. Our "position on the street corner" is highly valued. 

So after recently realizing I spend my entire life,all day every day, judging and condemning people quietly in my mind while I have a sweet smile on my face I realized what I was a "Pharisee". I have judged and condemned people based on a snap judgement of their outward appearance for a long time. I was taught, thus raised to believe this,and enjoyed it.

The list is;

People with tattoos,

Overweight people,

Poor people,


Divorced people,

Children from broken homes,


Drug addicts,

Sexually promiscuous people,

People with low cut clothes,

People with to many clothes,

People with smartphones,

People with vehicles,

People with NIV Bibles,

People with no Bibles,

People with no phones,

People with no vehicles,

People with German Bibles,

Schwartzentruber Amish,

Old Order Amish,

New Order Amish,

Newest New Order Amish,

Horse and buggy Mennonites,

Weaver Mennonites,

Holdeman Mennonites, 

Liberal Mennonites,

Conservative Mennonites.........

You name it, I've judged it,and I'm done with that. Phariseeism is like alcoholism, you are never totally "healed". It's a life long process to heal and grow. I am not condoning calling right wrong, I'm simply repenting from the belief that I need to judge and convict people. I simply need to love and preach JESUS, and He along with God and the Holy Spirit, will convict people and change them.

Jesus is the answer, not "Pharisee"

I,"Pharisee" repent from being a Pharisee and ask Jesus to help me change. I promise to never judge someone based on their outward appearance and never reject people who are different from me. I promise to stop criticizing other churches and instead attempt to help build the worldwide, indivisible church of God by preaching JESUS. Not thru telling people how wrong their "Pharisee" church is. So welcome aboard and follow my journey...........







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We must all obey the great law of change. It is the most powerful law of nature.
— Edmund Burke


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To be a Pharisee is to develop a mini-god complex. Somehow God does not know who I am and what I’m going thru, and I must get involved and stand on my rights. He is not big enough not powerful enough to simply trust and obey.
— Pharisee